3D Face Mask - Adult (Medium)

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Please read the following description to ensure these masks are right for you! 

This item is for the newer style 3D origami style mask. This style is great for people who need to talk a lot while wearing a mask and can also be better for people wearing glasses to combat the fog!


These are NOT medical grade face masks nor are they guaranteed to protect from viruses. Health officials are now recommending wearing masks when social distancing is not possible.

  • The design of these masks is to stop you from touching your hands to your face while out and about and to stop the spread of germs. 
  • These masks are made from 3 layers of breathable cotton and cotton blend (only natural fibres) fabric. 
  • This is a standard sized adults mask.
  • Soft elastic with an adjustable bead are fixed to each side of the mask to make it easy for you to fit the mask perfectly for you!
  • Please choose your print from the drop down menu. If the print you want is out of stock, send me a message or email and I will try to help out!
  • If you want a different colour or print than what is on offer, please send me a message and I will do my best to accomodate!
  • The pictures provided show a range of fabrics that I will be using, however I will also use beautiful fabrics that are not shown as stock is needed. 
  • The backing fabric will be chosen at random by me from my wide range of cotton fabrics. 
  • These masks are completely handmade in my little studio in Sydney. 

Wearing a face covering helps keep you and others safe. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread from close contact with a person with the virus. Face coverings are helpful to stop droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs, or sneezes, including someone who has coronavirus (COVID-19) and is contagious, but feels well. 

- Pull the elastic straps out so the mask is fully open, place the elastic carefully over the ears and adjust the mask to ensure your mouth and nose are covered.
- If this mask is for a child, please assure you totally aware of your child when they are wearing it. It is not recommended to ever leave a child alone while wearing a mask.

- Wash your mask before first use and after every use. 
- Ensure you are washing your masks at a temperature of at least 60 degrees.
- Line dry and ensure your mask is completely dry before wearing again. 
- It is recommended that you place your worn masks in a bag (ziplock or reusable wet bag) if you need to change it before you get home.